Employees should always be wearing protective garments when working in the food industry. Not only does protective clothing promote a safe and healthy workplace, they make the staff look very professional.

Below is an overview of the main protective clothing that should be worn when preparing food. 

Chef and Kitchen Staff Uniforms 

Chef uniforms are an absolute must for every kitchen employee who spends lots of time preparing food. Chef and kitchen staff uniforms should comply with Australian Laundry Standards AS/NZ 4146 2000. 

With a clothing rental service, businesses can reduce the hassle of purchasing, laundering, repairing and ironing their own uniforms, while ensuring that their employees look elegant and professional at all times. These garments can be customised to promote the company’s image and businesses can add different-coloured trim for easy identification of staff. 

There is a diverse and versatile array of chef uniforms which suit every businesses needs:

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Chef Garments
Vast range of chef jackets available for rent.
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Skull Cap
Keeps hair in control and looking smart.
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Checked or Black Drawstring trousers. Perfect for the kitchen.
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Food Processing Garments 

Preparing food can also involve food processing, manufacturing or packaging. In these industries, it is crucial that frontline staff are protected against nasty germs, contamination and infection.  

Businesses can sign up for a food processing garment rental service to receive fresh, crisp and hygienic food processing garments delivered to their doorstep. These garments are laundered to strict HACCP regulation standards, acting as the perfect long-lasting antibacterial defence against dirt and germs. Here are some of the food processing garments that every workplace should have: 

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female employee wearing a white food coat

White Food Coat
Knee-length style with concealed press stud closure, elastic cuffed sleeves with a back pleat for greater mobility. 
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Alsco White Food Shirt With Neck Gusset

White Food Shirt
Soft and comfortable shirt with neck gusset, collar and elasticated cuffs – perfect for food processing staff. 

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white Food Coat Mandarin Collar

White Food Coat Mandarin Collar
Long food coat with elasticated cuffed sleeves and soft poly cotton fabric, ideal for the kitchen.
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person wearing a white drawstring pants and a black shoes

White Drawstring Pant
Food coats can come with crisp, white drawstring pants. These have internal pockets and soft, comfortable poly cotton fabric.


When it comes to protective clothing for food preparation, aprons are the most essential item for kitchen staff or food processing workers. A simple apron can improve hygiene levels in the workplace and establish a professional tone for service. 

Aprons can shield the employee’s garments from food splatters, stains and burns, acting as the ultimate form of protection. They also act as a fantastic barrier against dangerous substances used in the kitchen environment, such as chemicals, hot grease and oils. 

Like with any food preparation clothing, aprons need to adhere to stringent Australian Laundry Standards AS/NZS 4146 2000. 

Alsco offers various kinds of aprons for different business needs and kitchen staff roles.

  • Adaptable Bib Apron
  • Reversible Denim Apron 
  • Striped Butcher’s Style Apron  
  • Classic Bib Apron
  • Wrap Waist Apron 


When handling and preparing all kinds of food, workers should always wear protective gloves. The main types of gloves are listed below: 

  • Rubber dishwashing gloves: Helps to protect workers’ hands from hot water or abrasive chemicals used in dishwashing soaps, detergents or sanitisers. Also minimises contact with harmful germs and bacteria
  • Cut-resistant gloves: Made from strong, durable materials that prevent skin from being sliced open by sharp knives, scissors or glass during food preparation
  • Freezer gloves: Insulated gloves with strong grips that protect the hands from frostbite, which can occur when workers spend long periods of time in freezers or refrigeration storage units 
  • Disposable vinyl gloves: Protects hands from hot irritant foods such as chillies 
  • Oven gloves/mittens: Safeguards the employee’s hands when handling hot cookware such as baking trays and pans that have been in direct heat with an oven or stove

Anti-Slip Shoes 

Anti-slip shoes (or slip-resistant footwear) can reduce the risk of slip-and-fall accidents in the workplace. For the food processing industry, this is especially important due to the possibility of liquid/chemical spills and harmful substances falling to the kitchen floor. 

The shoes provide adequate friction on dangerous slippery surfaces, with specific features designed to enhance the employee’s balance and grip. These include a well-defined tread pattern with more edges to improve grip, bevelled or rounded heel edge, and rubber soles which offer more slip resistance.

Tread patterns are suited to the size and type of contaminants. For example, indoor work on smooth floors with thin liquid contaminants may have flexible soles with fine thread. On the other hand, shoes used in rough outdoor areas require deeper treads and perhaps an addition of special studs/cleats to provide extra traction.

Want to ensure that all your employees are sufficiently protected from kitchen accidents? Alsco’s Managed Uniform Rental Service has got you covered with amazing food preparation garments to improve the safety and welfare of all your workers! 

Our services use a sophisticated barcode system which tracks every delivery in the most efficient way, ensuring that all your food garments and equipment are washed properly (and regularly) on time. With the Managed Garment system, Alsco is able to provide customised services for your business.

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