Need to remove oil and grease from industrial tools and parts? Yes. Need it done safely without harm to humans, animals or anything else? Yes. Yes. Yes. Say hello to our little friend, EcoSafe Washer. The name says it all, really. Alsco’s EcoSafe Washer does not rely on solvents or chemicals to remove grease and oil from parts and tools. It’s also great for engine cleaning. Some wicked cool natural technology steps in to replace the chemicals.

The Joy of Chemical-Free Cleaning

Cleaning parts and tools no longer requires chemical-based solvents. Alsco’s parts washer utilises the power of bacteria, specifically, the microbes or plant enzymes that go after the oil, grease and dirt that can gum up industrial bits and bobs. The technique is known as bioremediation. It stimulates the growth of specific microbes that prefer oil, grease and the like as their energy source.  

With our naturally derived, water-based solution, which includes a multi-layered approach to tackle heavy duty grease and oil, your workshop’s tools and parts will be clean, really clean.

People love our EcoSafe Washer even more when they learn that, while working, the EcoSafe generates:

  • no weird fumes
  • no side effects or goop
  • no toxic anything

In fact, when the EcoSafe finishes a load of up to 250 kg of parts, it spits out water and carbon dioxide (CO2). That’s it. Humans exhale CO2 every time we breathe. And earth is about 71% water. Net net, using an Ecosafe Washer reduces workplace hazards. It’s pro-human and pro-earth. 

EcoSafe Parts Washer Service is a No-Brainer

Just like humans, our EcoSafe operates optimally with regular check-ups. Managed service agreements might not release CO2 and water but our parts washer service is still pretty great. Please don’t send in your EcoSafe (that’s so Y2K) – we’ll come to you. We’ll take care of topping up of any fluids, make sure the microbes are healthy and happy, and take care of anything else that pops up. That’s joyful.