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Alsco Eye wash stations
Eye Wash Stations – Do you need them?

An eye injury can be described as any physical or chemical wound to the eye or eye socket. Eye injuries cost Australia around $60 million […]

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How Saving Lives at Work Comes Down to Two Simple Factors

Safety in the workplace is a major priority – and rightly so. OH&S regulations make it necessary for equipment and supplies to be available on-site, […]

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Occupational Health & Safety – Is Your Workplace Up To Scratch?

There was a time when First Aid Kits were little more than an afterthought for businesses, and comprised little more than a packet of Band […]

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Workplace Emergency Plans Part 4: Emergency Plans for Handling External Influences

It has been said that no business can operate in isolation, and this is equally true when it comes to preparing for all possible emergency […]

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Wins Supplier of the Year Award
27 Guides to Help You Enjoy Workplace Wellbeing

Greenroom has turned 200. Yes, your friendly, article-breathing buddy has turned 200 posts old. On this occasion, Alsco has chosen a few guides which Australian […]

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Your Guide to Treating Eye Injuries In the Workplace

More often than not, an eye injury requires treatment right away. Waiting for medical personnel could take too long and by then the eyes could have […]

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winter rain, winter safety
5 Tips For Greater Winter Safety In The Workplace

If the storm that hit NSW last week proves anything, it is that extreme weather can strike at any time. When it comes to work, […]

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Why You Need an Eyewash Station in Your Workplace

Despite preventative measures such as wearing goggles, workers in the manufacturing industry remain at a high-risk of eye injury. In 2008, it was reported that […]

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