Although floor mats are generally used for protection, decoration and comfort in private homes, did you know that having the right kind of mat can be used to improve your workplace safety, hygiene, and employee well-being?

The use of strategically placed floor mats can increase your organisation’s productivity and improve hygiene. A lot of thought is put into creating the perfect environment for your employees, with standing desks, ergonomic chairs and the like, but organisations rarely look at what could be done below our feet to enhance their employee’s work experience, especially if a majority of their shift is spent standing.

So what kind of mats are available and how can it help my organisation and employees?

Service Not Purchase

The first thing to consider is whether simply buying a few mats outright is the right solution for your business. Whilst it is a one-off purchase, you need to remember that these mats will get dirty and worn quickly – and you need to clean these just as stringently as any other item or surface in your business, especially during any time where hygiene is of paramount importance.  That is why a managed service is the best solution for many organisations, so that they can benefit from the improved floor solutions at the same time as benefiting from the peace of mind of regular replacement and professional cleaning.

Once you have made the choice to have a managed service, though, you still need to choose the mats themselves!

Wet Area Mats

Designed for areas that are frequently wet, whether it is from the nature of the job or the weather, having a wet area mat provides a safe barrier to prevent any slips occurring in your workplace. These mats are carefully designed for the environment they are in, with holes in to allow liquids to flow through, ensuring traction remains high for maximum skid or slip resistance. Ideal for wet markets, restaurants, bars, commercial kitchens and factories, these mats are made from durable, quick-drying, antimicrobial rubber, to ensure maximum staff safety.

Alsco’s Wet Area Mats:

  • Are highly resistant to oils, solvents and water
  • Fight off bacteria growth with anti-microbial properties
  • Reduce pressure and strains with a cushioned design
  • Textured, gripping material for safety
  • Permeable to allow scraps and liquids to pass through

Anti Fatigue Mats

Wet Area & Anti Fatigue Mat

Often your staff can be on their feet all day, which can lead to fatigue, leg and back pain, tiredness and reduced productivity – even to sick leave if problems escalate. Ideal for areas where staff are standing for a long period of time such as bars, retail and hotel receptions, these mats can also be more specialised to serve more than its original intended purpose, e.g. Wet area anti fatigue mats.

Alsco’s Anti Fatigue Mats:

  • Are Designed to be comfortable and minimise injury
  • Have an antimicrobial treatment that stays with the mat it’s whole life
  • Are textured for grip and safety
  • Have bevelled edges for safe step up

Dust Control and Floor Protection Mats

Dust Control Mat

The busiest areas in your workspace are often the dirtiest due to high foot traffic. Ideal for the front doorways and entrances to your hallways, dust control mats trap 80% of dirt, dust and water before it’s tracked right around the organisation – and before that dirt is spread throughout the building!

Alsco’s Dust Control and Floor Protection Mats:

  • Are environmentally friendly, made from recycled PET bottles
  • Won’t stain or fade
  • Have super absorption qualities
  • Lay flat every time
  • Have a choice of backing patterns to ensure they stay in place on all surfaces

Get in touch with Alsco today to organise floor mats for your organisation! Our range of high quality, technologically advanced mats will save your business cleaning costs, eliminate the need to replace expensive flooring and help keep your staff and customers safe.