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Alsco Continuous Hand Towels
Continuous Hand Towels: Are they a Hygienic Option?

Hand hygiene is an absolute MUST for any business. There are so many options available to improve one’s hand hygiene, ranging from hand sanitisers to […]

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Queensland Health Green Office Resource Guide

In March 2009, the Carbon Management Unit of Queensland Health released a Green Office Resource Guide. The objective of this guide is to “provide staff […]

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Reduce Your Corporate Impact on the Australian Environment

Creating a culture of the three R’s in your office will enact a powerfully noticeable change. Motivate everyone to get on board by casting a green […]

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5 Office Recyclables You Never Thought Of

When it comes to recycling in the environment-conscious modern office, everyone knows that paper is the chief material concerned. Between documents, scrunched up balls of […]

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Hand Dryers vs Cloth Towels

Since the mid-19th century good hand hygiene has been recognised as an effective means of controlling the spread of infectious diseases and bacteria. More recent […]

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Alsco Good Energy Saving Habits: End Energy Drain Poster
Good Energy Saving Habits – End the Energy Drain Poster

There’ll be no more excuses for forgetting to turn appliances off with these great posters. Download and print the size that suits you best – […]

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Good Energy Saving Habits – Unplug, Turn Off Poster

We all get a little forgetful from time to time … which is why we’ve created a range of posters to remind you of the […]

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Turning to Recycling Copy Paper: The Ultimate ‘Green’ Choice

Admit it. You’d struggle without paper. Whether it is printing, copying, note-taking or even scribbling a reminder on a Post-It, you need the most taken-for-granted […]

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Alsco Go Green Posters: Green House, Green Room, Green Office
Go Green Posters – Green House … Green Room … Green Office!

Sometimes we need a bit of encouragement to continue striving for our green goals. In those times the right words can make a big difference […]

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Good Energy Saving Habits – Pretty Lights Poster

There a many little and easy things we can all do to help the environment and save money. Be reminded of these things on a […]

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